Products and Services


Waste Management Solutions:

  1. Thermal Treatment of Waste (Controlled Air Incineration)
  2. Composting and management of organic wastes
  3. Waste Auditing and Waste Audit Training
  4. BEAHR Training – Solid Waste Coordinator

Water Transfer Solutions:

  1. Vertical Turbine Pumps
  2. Diesel Pumps (Stationary and Mobile)
  3. Electric Pumps
  4. Sludge Pumps
  5. Trash Pumps

Water Treatment Solutions:

  1. Claytek – CETCO product solutions
  2. OZTEK
  3. Reverse Osmosis
  4. Filtration

Environmental Solutions & Training:

  1. BEAHR Training – Environmental Core
  2. BEAHR Training – Environmental Monitoring – Regulatory Specialization
  3. BEAHR Training – Local Environmental Coordinator
  4. BEAHR Training – Solid Waste Coordinator

Light and Sound Mitigation:

Sound attenuation is a crucial consideration in many applications. Ketek has designed and built sound barriers that can reduce noise more than 90 percent and that are easily transported and installed.

► Reduce noise more than 90%!
► Reduce light pollution
► Adds Security
► Stackable for transportation
► Enviro-friendly: Each barrier is made from 120 recycled tires

Other Products:

  1. Diesel or Natural Gas Generators
  2. Light Towers
  3. Aeration